Chris Viola possesses several skills within the field. He is a certified digital marketing professional, having gained the certification from the digital marketing institute. These skills are backed up with his many other certifications, including those by trusted sources such as Google, Hubspot and Shopify.

FaceBook Ads Experience

Chris has a history of promoting this site using facebook ads, with most ads coming in at less than $1 per click. Given that the average cpc of a facebook ad is almost $2 per click, there is great potential for him to promote your product or service to new customers.


Google Ads Search Certification

Google Analytics Individual Qualification


Hootsuite Platform certification


Hubspot Content Marketing certification

Hubspot E-mail Marketing Certification

Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification

New Skills Academy

Digital Marketing Certification

Facebook Ads Certification

Marketing Certification

SEM Rush

PPC Fundementals

SEO Fundamentals

Technical SEO


Shopify Designing for Conversion

Shopify Fundamentals


Youtube Creators Academy