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Chris Viola is an up and coming content creator. He graduated from Mohawk College’s TV Broadcasting Advanced Diploma program in 2014 and Public Relations Post-Graduate Program in 2015. Chris has since done volunteer work for Hamilton Philharmonic, Hamilton Hive, Living Rock and, Canadian Blood Services. He has had a job as a graphic designer at multiple UPS stores in Hamilton and Burlington, while living in in Hamilton, Ontario. Chris is a skilled graphic designer, videographer, web designer and writer. He has also recently become a certified digital marketing specialist, with several other certifications in the field. He is also a member of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce.

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Current Digital Marketing Ventures

At the moment, he volunteers at St. Joe’s Hospital creating graphical content for the hospital gift shop and convenience store, including new logos. In addition to this, he also continues to work as a freelance graphic designer, web designer and marketing specialist. Chris has completed the digital trade school apprenticeship program run by Laurier University. This program included a placement as an apprentice at local agency Thinkr Marketing. He is also a certified digital marketing professional with a certificate from the Digital Marketing Institute.

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Now is a great chance to hire him because is currently looking for work in the field of marketing specializing in SEO, SEM, social media marketing, traditional marketing and web design. He is averaging over 2 interviews a month, and his performance reviews at his current role indicate strong soft skills. All of these point to him landing a job soon, so contact him before your competitors do!

Navigating this site

This site shows much his content creation work samples as well as his certifications, including those from companies such as Facebook, Youtube, Google and Hubspot. You can also see his business and productivity blog in order to generate ideas for your business, get tips on being more productive, or simply give you some inspiration to do something today that your future self will thank you for.