Get out of your own way

Get out of your own way

When you’re trying to accomplish what you want in life, many things can get in your way. Now this might be a lack of money, or time, experience or one of many other things. Now, I’m never going to say that these obstacles don’t exist, because they do. However, one of the biggest things standing in your way could be you. The biggest step in success might be to get out of your own way.

What does this mean?

Getting out of one’s own way can be an attitude adjustment. For example, a man who struggles in dating is probably suffering from a lack of confidence. This is something that will likely drive women away and make his lack of success ever more noticeable. However, if he owns his shortcomings and acts confidently, he’s much more likely to make a good impression on a woman who he likes. The same can be true with meeting the right people, as a good first impression is most often because of someone’s attitude, not their accomplishments.

get out of your own way by making accomplishments secondary
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How do I get out of my own way?

One of the best ways to get out of your own way is to get out of your comfort zone as it keeps you struggling. You won’t change anything by staying the same as you’ve always been. In this video Charlie from Charisma on Command tells us about his struggles to make more money with his business, and how his own beliefs slowed down his success. He even provides a two minute exercise on how to improve an aspect of your life that you might be self-sabotaging. The goal is to change what you think is possible, and attack your sub conscious thoughts, which will provide a much stronger basis on which to build your success around.

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