How to increase self confidence easily

How to increase self confidence easily

How to increase self confidence easily

If you ask people what’s important to succeed, most of them will, correctly, list things such as a good attitude, hard work, and skill in your chosen craft. One other thing, that almost everyone will name is confidence. It both projects that you know what you’re doing to others, and can even increase your overall happiness, improve your performance and make you more attractive.  However, if you’re someone who struggles with this, you might be wondering how to increase self confidence, especially if you feel you don’t have anything to be confident about.

Things you can do daily

One key to confidence is to do little things every day. Any champion will tell you that they key to success in anything isn’t built over night, but is built over doing something right a bunch of times over and over.

Increase confidence
Look, I won!


A good idea on how to start would be to look for and discuss the more positive aspects of yourself. As I’ve stated before, you can find positive things about failure by learning from your experience. Also, take this exercise as it comes to positive thinking:

Look around your current location only for things that are red. Now close your eyes, and tell me all of the blue things that you saw. Odds are, you can only remember a few because you were looking for red things. Now, equate red things to negative thoughts about yourself and blue things with positive thoughts. If you had been looking for positive things, you’d have been able to remember them more quickly.

Another exercise is when you’re trying to achieve something, think of how far you’ve come instead of how far you have to go. Thinking “I’m halfway there” sounds better than “I still have half way to go.” Its a glass is half full type of thought process.


How to increase self esteem in 5 seconds

One trick to do this would be to stand up and have perfect posture for just a few seconds. This will help ‘trick’ your sub conscious into a more self positive mindset.



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