How will we recover from Covid 19?

With news recently that Covid 19 has aparently hit its peak in Ontario, and Doug Ford releasing a basic blue print for the re opening of Ontario’s economy, its time to start talking about the recovery from Covid 19. Now its important to note that just re-opening everything is a bad idea, because that’ll expose everyone immediately. So, how do we recover from Covid 19, and avoid a second wave?

Recover from Covid 19 by continuing social distancing

Sorry, but social distancing is still needed. A second wave will certainly hit us and infect thousands upon thousands if we don’t continue. We have successfully flattened the curve, but that’s only step one. This just means we’re curing cases a quickly as we’re creating them, not that we’ve gotten rid of the virus. We still have to get rid of the virus before we go out and start seeing each other again. There are some ideas for what you can do with all your free time right now, allowing us to keep our sanity.

Continue everything else, to

Yes, please continue everything else. Continue washing your hands. Continue using gloves. Continue using Zoom for all of your family gatherings.

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