Make a great habit stick with The Two Day Rule

Make a great habit stick with The Two Day Rule

I’ve discussed the importance of good habits before, such as the importance of waking up early, exercise, and leaving your comfort zone.  While all of these are easy to start, the difficult part is making the habit stick. James Clear states in this article that it takes an average of 66 days for a new habit to form, where he also points out the common misconception of it taking only 21 days. Now, 66 days is a long time in which your new habit is vulnerable. Looking at the failure rate for new years resolutions, you’ll see just how vulnerable new habits are. You can improve your chances of making a new habit stick with the two day rule.

What is the 2 day rule?

The two day rule is extremely simple to understand. What it means is that you never, ever go two days in a row without contributing to your new habit. If you’re committing to meditation for example, never skip meditation two days in a row. If you want to make going to the gym a new habit, then if you don’t go today, you have to go tomorrow. When you’re just starting out, you can make these sessions as short as possible. Even 5 minutes of meditation, or 30 minutes at the gym can start showing dramatic increases.

2 day rule and meditation


How to implement it

Great, you’re probably thinking. Given how easy it is to count to two, tracking your success probably won’t be difficult. However, you’re probably not sure if you can find the time to do it. Besides the obvious advice given in the opening of this article of waking up earlier, you can also check out Matt D’Avella’s video here (skip to 4:14 to see his explanation of how it worked for him). Remember that the two day rule does account for rest time, which we all do need every once in a while, but you have to take into account the importance of making it through the first 66 days.

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