News being overshadowed by Covid-19

With Covid-19 dominating the news (and this blog) we can see that the virus is getting the attention that it deserves. However, the world has not entirely paused. There were already memes about how 2020 was a terrible year because of a variety of things. From as large scale as Australia being on fire, multiple near starts of world war 3, to celebrity news that hits home hard such as the shocking death of Kobe Bryant, 2020 was already making the ‘worst year ever’ 2016 look like small potatoes. As discussed in an earlier entry, the media focuses on things that get people emotionally worked up. If you’re curious about what news has been overshadowed by Covid-19, you’re in the right place.

Locust swarm in Africa

Although Africa isn’t untouched by Covid-19 its been hit a lot less hard than most other continents. However, many countries are dealing with a large invasion of locusts, which are creating food shortage scares in many areas, plenty of which are already food starved. Kenya and Ethiopia for example are two of the poorest countries on earth, and with even less food available, the number of people who will likely starve to death is quite high.

A cure for HIV has been overshadowed by Covid-19

HIV, the virus causing AIDS, has long been a bane of human existence, and a death sentence. We thought, that due to its immune system defeating history, it would forever be that way. However, it turns out this might no longer be the case. A man in Great Britain has apparently been cured of the disease. Although it will likely take years of additional testing and perfecting the cure, it gives us all hope that one day, maybe, the great plague of HIV will one day be cured.


Oh, and also that we can cure that other one now, to.



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