Should we stop re-opening?

With the recent increase in cases of Covid-19 in Ontario since we started stage 1 of Doug Ford’s reopening plan, there’s some thinking that maybe we should stop, or at least slow down our re-opening in order to stop Covid-19 from having as second spike, which would likely be even worse than the first. With our dependency on the economy making it seem like we should force everyone back to work being weighed against the health and safety of our citizens, we have to accept that our leaders have some difficult decisions. What should we do as citizens, and which option is better?

What can we do?

First off, we need to continue social distancing. I say this with a very heavy heart, as I also miss spending time with my friends and family. However, as noted before,  keeping up social distancing will keep the disease at bay while scientists research a vaccine, stopping it from getting out of hand. Getting too many people together gives the virus a chance to spread and overwhelm the system. This also means working from home if possible, shopping online and when you do see people, ensure that you stay 6 minutes apart.


Also, wash your hands for crying out loud.

Should we stop re-opening?

Stage 1 of our re-opening efforts may be partially responsible for the new spread of the virus. However, its not the only one, as people refusing to listen to warnings simply aren’t helping. I personally feel right now (yes, this is just my opinion), that it is appropriate to stop our re-opening. This is because of one simple thing that people haven’t been mentioning: even if we re-open, people will continue to stay home. I most certainly won’t be going to a movie theatre, concert, sporting event or other large event out of fear of the virus, and I know that many other people won’t as well. Simply put, as great as it would be to re-open, I can’t see that alone saving our falling economy.

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