The importance of mental health

Mental health is something that many people take for granted. If you look at the comments of almost any article on mental health, you’ll see some very ignorant people basing it. Although the importance of mental health has been revealed to more people now, with lockdowns effecting everything, people are becoming more aware. More people now realize that the stigma behind mental health is unfair This is good, it shows that people are becoming more aware. But why is it important, so what can mental health do to someone?

The Importance of Mental Health on Physical Health

According to mental health Ontario, poor mental health can do things like make it harder to sleep, cause weight gain and effect your hormone balances, all of which will cause your physical health to deteriorate. All of these are linked with such problems as heart health and stroke, and even the onset of alzheimer’s disease. As I mentioned earlier, the amount of activities we currently have to enjoy are smaller than usual, and although they have increased since when I wrote that article, said lack of activities is still taking its toll on people’s mental health.

On relationships

The post here by Psychology Today shows the effect that mental health can have on romantic relationships. The person with mental health problems tends to feel guilty and try to hide their symptoms or diagnosis. This can lead to arguments based on misinformation, which is never good for a relationship. Poor mental health can also lead to problems in the bedroom, as well as emotional dependency on the other person.


Keeping your mental health in check is something that pays for itself. So when someone says they don’t have the time for mental health, it sounds like them saying they don;t have enough money to get paid.

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