The long term effects of Covid-19

I have already written about Covid-19 a lot lately, as well as its short term effects. We know that it already has (and will continue to) do damage to the economy, be the cause of many deaths, domination of our news feeds, and ability to keep us all locked in doors. The short term effects are obvious, but what are the long term effects of Covid-19?

Mental Health

Obviously being forced to stay inside and isolated all the time will have plenty of effect on people’s mental health. It well known that stillness, obsessively taking in news and screen time lead to misery.  With these three things now dominating our lives, as well as many people out of work, people’s life’s work falling apart and many safety nets taken out of place, and several people loosing loved ones, people will fall through the cracks. While we do have things such as online mediums for gaming, as well as tools such as zoom that lets us chat with our friends and family (anyone else zoom with family for Easter?) it doesn’t have as much benefit as face-to-face conversations. How many people will be in a state of depression and/or seek professional help at the end of this could lead to a completely different kind of health crisis.


Many people have been working from home, we have to wonder if this will have long term consequences. How many people will continue to work from home after this is over is something I’m not even going to attempt to guess at this moment. However, easier travel, less time communing and adjusted work hours will be the new normal for several others. The effects of this on people’s day to day lives could be a drastic improvement.

Future Fear

Even after all this is over, people will have a fear of leaving the home, fear of a second wave of covid-19. Justified as this is, this will continue the string of damage that this does to the economy, prolonging the fall of the stock market.

Long term effect of Covid 19 on Healthcare

Perhaps the most sweeping change will be the changes on our healthcare system. For years, money has been taken away from healthcare, and fears of a pandemic have been seen as sensationalized. Now, with this possibly being nature’s warning shot towards us, we may be better prepared for a similar incident with a pandemic with higher a higher death rate.

Or, maybe we’ll do nothing.

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