The World after Covid-19

The World after Covid-19

With news that new cases of Covid-19 are on the downfall, its become time to (cautiously) start re-opening the economy. Although this is a slow process, that will take several weeks, and perhaps even months, these slightly optimistic times are a good place to start speculating on what the world after Covid-19 will look like. How will our day-to-day lives be changed after the virus had been defeated? What changes will happen to our economy? Or social systems? Our daily lives? Our jobs?

The raise of work from home

With plenty of companies being forced to mandate their employees to work from home, companies have notice that their productivity has not decreased, and that shorter hours working remotely, with some studies even showing that some companies become more productive when working from home. While there are many ways you can become more productive, having the environment set up around you could be helpful. Not to mention that those who don’t have work from home as an option will face less traffic when commuting, and everyone will have less pollution to deal with.

Increase in importance of Healthcare

At this point, its safe to assume that we have taken healthcare workers for granted. I am not exception to this, having done so myself, being raised in a world where all of the ‘pandemics’ seen have been underwhelming. This has given me an appreciation for how fragile everything is, and likely has done so for most others.

The world ‘after’ Covid-19 still might have to contain a virus

Now, you’ll remember in the opening paragraph I mentioned we need to cautiously reopen the economy. Yes, I specified cautiously for a reason. If we open up too fast, we’ll spread the virus again. Even if we defeat covid-19, another virus might get us, maybe not right away, but could strike at any point. We must use what we’ve learned in these times to avoid repeating a complete closure.

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