The importance of waking up at 530

The importance of waking up at 530

Who says this?

So, what is the importance of waking up at 530? One of the most common pieces of advice is to wake up earlier instead of staying up late, with 530 being perhaps the most common time. This advice is common from life coaches and billionaires. This video shows how billionaire Irwin Simon states how since he wakes up even earlier, 5:00, he accomplishes more before 900 than most people do in their entire day. He answers e-mails, makes business transactions with his European business partners and even has a workout (also beneficial) all before beginning his actual work day.

Benefits of waking up at 530

Now, people often wonder how waking up early is better than staying up late. Working for 3 hours in the morning the same as working for 3 hours at night, right? Wrong. Due to a combination of our body’s natural rhythm, and how we structure our day, most hours of the late evening are spent distracted and not working. Being up before everyone else means you have time to yourself to accomplish your tasks at a time when you still have the energy to do them. On the other hand, at night after a full day at work, most people simply don’t have enough energy left to do much of anything. In the morning, however, you’re more motivated and more energized because the wear and tear of being at work all day hasn’t worn you down. Early raisers are also less prone to depression and increased self-esteem.

How to do it

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit, waking up so early is really hard. Even if you do set your alarm, its so easy to just smash the alarm clock and go back to sleep.

not waking up at 530

However, the list of ways to do it makes things simple, and just require a little bit of preparation. Go to bed early so you’re not tired when you first wake up. Set the alarm far away from your bed so that you have to get up to turn it off. Don’t sleep in on weekends, that way you can get your body used to the change. If you’re able to maintain the habit, you’ll be ahead in your health and your career.

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