Things to do in isolation

As I’ve mentioned in previous weeks, the social distancing as a result of Covid-19 is taking its toll. This is not a protest against social distancing, as although it is damaging to our mental health, its saving thousands of lives. So with yourself unable to go out and see friends and family, no sports or concerts, movie theaters shut down and more, we all ask ourselves, what are some things to do in isolation?

Tech solutions

While not something you want to over do, there’s nothing wrong with a small amount of TV, movies and video games. People have often mentioned they have a long list of shows or movies to get caught up on with their Netflix or Disney Plus watch lists, so get that out of the way, now. Just make sure you don’t over due it, as too much screen time can lead to depression.

You can also do video chat with friends and family. Getting caught up is always a great thing to do, don’t let a lack of face-to-face interactions stop you.

Early Spring Cleaning

People often say they’re ‘too busy’ to clean their place. Now with so few other activities left to do, you can get clean your life up. Get rid of things you don’t need anymore. Your future self will save time looking for things at random points.


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