What we’ve learned since the outbreak

So we’re a week into the quarantine when I write this (March 23rd) and we’ve already seen a lot of effect as a result of the coronavirus. Canada has announced they won’t be sending athlete’s to Japan’s Olympics. Tomorrow all non essential services will be closed, taking thousands, if not millions of people out of work. And most of us, myself included, agree with these decisions. So, what have we learned since the outbreak?

What we’ve learned about Coronavirus

Okay, so I talked last week about how the situation had escalated so far, and its only gotten worse since. Some people have still been gathering due to their lack of understanding of exponential growth, and how quickly this thing can spread. People who don’t understand the situation in Italy and think they’re immune to it. However, with more and more cases coming up every day, its clear that this pandemic is much more of a threat than people ever thought it would be.

The outbreak is like a pyramid scheme

For those unfamiliar with exponential growth, lets look at it in a way you’ve often been warned about, pyramid schemes. A common (and true) way people will spot a pyramid scheme is the “if you tell 3 people, and then they tell 3 people, and then they tell 3 people” warning that after X number of cases, you’d have run out of people in the world. A similar analogy is very possible of the Coronavirus. If you spread it to a few people (before symptoms appear) and they all spread it to a few, and they spread it to a few, soon we could all be infected.

What we’ve learned about since the outbreak is that people think they’re immune to it. Those people might think that they are invincible, but given how other people who they can spread it to are vulnerable, they may want to think about more than themselves.

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