What we’ve learned so far about the effects of social distancing

So after over 2 weeks of social distancing and almost a week of all non-essential businesses being closed. I have been off of work for 2 weeks now, and am having trouble even remembering what day it is (I thought it was Sunday, but really its Monday). People are starting to miss their friends and family. Funerals are being made even more emotionally difficult than usual. We’re getting more news on Coronavirus every day. With depression already on the raise, people already on the brink of crisis are spiraling into a worse and worse place. So what are the effects of social distancing.

The immediate effects of social distancing

Similar to Mark Manson,  I have slowly succumb to the temptation to sleep in and procrastinate, simply because the opportunity is there. Like I’ve said earlier, building new habits is difficult especially since its so easy to flip right back into your old habits. I’ve personally gotten better, having woken up at a more normal 6:30 today, but can only image what this is doing to people who are struggling with an addiction. Often with people’s better habits and social circle taken away from them, their vices come to the forefront.

Although I do not have a partner, I know plenty of people who do, some of which are stuck with their partner 24/7, and others , living separately, can’t see their partner face-to-face. Both of these sound horrifying, and who knows how many break-ups will ensue at the end of this outbreak.

The long term effects of it all

As Youtuber World of Geekdom states, you will probably appreciate a lot of the things that we take for granted now. The ability to go see our friends and family, the ability to be seen quickly while at a hospital, even the ability to go to work will all be things that we get more joy out of later. With plenty of people working from home now, perhaps a new normal will pop up. But for now, wash your hands.

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