Why it seems everyone is so easily offended

Why it seems everyone is so easily offended

Today it seems as if everyone is getting easily offended by everything. If you turn on the news, or even your internet browser you see that someone is mad. Usually, its at something relatively harmless. However, instead of asking why everyone is getting so upset, I’m here to ask if that’s even true.

So are people even getting easily offended?

I propose that no, not everyone is so thin skinned. I instead blame the media for its overzealous reporting on corner cases. For example, let’s take this article on a game Hasbro released called “Millennial Monopoly”. ¬†Long story short, Hasbro created the comedic game to parody the life of a millennial (someone born between 1981 and 1996). The game says to forget real estate due to its affordability and players instead capture experiences, such as crashing on a friend’s couch and dining at a vegan bistro.

people are easily offended by millennial monopoly

Many of the game’s creators are even millennials themselves and see the game as funny, while still stating that they relate to the struggles of the generation. Seems innocent enough, right?¬† However, according to the article, people got offended over it and voiced that opinion Twitter. Many other outlets shared similar stories about the game, but when you look closer, you’ll notice something: the number of tweets this article shows by offended millennials is: 2.

That’s right, out of the millions are people in that age demographic, 2 were offended. That’s less than 1% of 1% of 1%. So how does this work? Why does it seem like everyone’s so sensitive when the number of people who get so upset is so small.

How to stop it

We have to remember that the media’s job isn’t to tell us the truth. We don’t pay for articles like that, as they’re free online. News outlets make their money from ads, so they need to generate as many clicks as possible. So the media takes an idea, such as this game, and takes certain aspects of it out of context, in order to make it so that only the fringes of people get offended. They then report on those fringes, which are really easy to find on twitter, and use a tiny number of offences in order to paint an entire group of people with one brush. Then they report on an outrage that they manufactured over something that they purposely didn’t contextualize. Both right wing and left wing outlets do this. Remember to get out of your comfort zone and double check.

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